Friday, April 16th, 2010
Collection of new videos where Otamatone plays main role 😉 There is another great virtuoso with awesome skill! and first Otamatone band Ever! Check it out!
YouTube Preview ImageAnother Otamatone virtuoso – mellowjamstudio playing Crying Moon – This guy has a great skill also on guitar – so there’s obviously some connection.. 😉
YouTube Preview ImageWhat a Wanderful World by Kunitaka Watanabe (Otamatone) and Takashi Nakamura (Ukulele)
YouTube Preview Image First Otamatone quartet.. They are using stethoscope to listen yourself. (I think this is necessary tool for Otamatone music groups ;))
YouTube Preview ImageYMO – Rydeen by Otamatone and Terumuramatsu
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