October is almost over and we can all feel the sweet tingle of winter in the air. But of course, not even freezing cold can slow down the evolution of music. We bring you hot news from the Otamatone music world. Hold on to your hats, it’s gonna be a wild wintery ride!

At the helm of a new army of toy instruments, Speedfinger, Blowmaster and Bongostar continue their Rock Odyssey and invade the realms of punk, rap, new-wave grunge and funk with their Rock’N ‘ Toys! From Bohemian Rhapsody to Beat it to Smells Like Teen Spirit and Walk this Way, these three superheroes of rock are preparing to take the Rock’N’Toys world by storm!

Check out the popular video by The Wackids.

From Sweden, mekka of the metal music comes this instrumental genius. Lo and Behold, Pantera cover with Otamatone by Ola Enlung, the only dude, who can wear an Abba T-shirt and still look more metal than anyone!



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