New Otamatone videos

Hello Otamatoners! It’s been a while since video news was published. We bring you great new otamatone videos from true virtuoso Nelson Tan Yan Cong and other. So sit back, the show is about to start.

[youtube][/youtube] Pharrell Williams Happy From the great musician Nelson Tan Yan Cong who devotes his talent and work to Otamatone.
[youtube]https://[/youtube] Brilliant music sent GooglyEyes to us by e-mail. All-in music video – great musical performing, acting, scenery 😉
[youtube][/youtube] Epic cover of LoL theme on Otamatone Deluxe by Sp4zie.
[youtube][/youtube] Another splendid cover of trance classics Darude – Sandstorm by Nelson .
[youtube][/youtube] From great tv series Fate/stay night soundtrack – track “Pride of the King of Knights” by Kouki on Otamatone.

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