New Otamatone videos

Otamatone fans sent us this great video. Join them and send us your creations. We´ll put your performance here, so everybody could see your Otamatone skillz 😉

[youtube][/youtube] Multimedial artists Tim & Puma Mimi plays James Brown: I feel good (live performance with great singing;))

Other video news

[youtube][/youtube]HASHwilly playing Inoki Theme “Fire Fighter”
[youtube][/youtube]Another fromHASHwilly.Miku “I’ll try to Kumi Kuni” (Whether it means anything;))
[youtube][/youtube]Finally Otamatone stands next to hip-hop legends. scottmihalik (with great face acting ;)) plays Jay-Z legendary song Hard knock life.

If you like this performance you should try it your self! You can start with buying Otamatone in our shop.

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