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Otamatone - オタマトーン


Maywa Denki – continuance

Maywa Denki concerts

Maywa Denki concerts

After Nobumichi Tosa took over as President after his brother Masamichi Tosa, he started developing new series called “Edelweiss”. This was a project, which involves a number of musical devices, but these are altogether more elaborate.  Edelweiss project brought him to join a big exhibition in Paris and London.
For a while he was located in England. Also the English phrase “Nonsense Machines” seems to have been officially adopted. Because a lot of Maywa Denki’s contrivance are balancing between art, desing or comercial products. Most of Maywa Denki’s products are musical instruments. And how better to showcase their product line than in live concerts. And these concerts are exactly what makes this company so unique, original and inconsistent. You can see not only musical instruments but also you will meet the robots like Punch kun,Renda chan and Seamoons, sub characters such as Sava-O and Poodles and fun people like accountant Wono-san, Laborers and Yankee (Japanese teen gangs) Maywa Denki. Also own incredible musical instruments transform these concerts into crazy shows, because instruments like for example their last innovation “otamatone” create really unusual musical creations and perfectly fit into their funny crazy style. Otamatone like small pretty pet designed as a tipical Japanese toy vocals the sounds which you´ve never heard before.
Maywa Denki company has been invited to the Expo, “Human being & Robot” held in October 2003 in Paris. This company is as much about art as it is about producing commercial products, but all Maywa Denki´s products were born as an easy-to-play toy for everybody, which provide the customers with a dream of  “life with Maywa Denki”.

Nobumichi Tosa conjuring incredible inventions

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  1. Simply a awesome instrument! Love the history and the fact that it is art as well.
    Can’t wait to get my own otamatone!
    Read about it over at

    But for now I’ll just have to survive on youtube videos.


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