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Otamatone - オタマトーン



From the deepest ocean where you can find seriously disturbing creatures, where fish coming to find eternity we bring you a fishy resurrection. In celebration of its 20th anniversary (this year was 25th anniversary), designers Maywa Denki have come back with an updated version of their award-winning Na-cord design from 1995. It was an extension cord for 100V erectricity.

Original Na-cord cable

Original Na-cord cable released in 1995 for 100V elektricity

Actual version Na-Cord USB is more 21st century thing. With same awesome fish-skeleton design you can connect your phone with your computer (USB <-> USB microB). It is coming in three colors (ivory, black or pink) with orange flashing eye detecting if your data you transfering via this cable is worth the effort.

Main features:

  • Ivory, Black and Pink color
  • standard USB Type A to microB
  • Length: 32,5cm (12.5″)
  • Materials: ABS, PVC

Fish bone design of cable is so popular that there are many fakes around the world including worldwide company Flying Tiger Copenhagen. You should recognize it by its original package.

No-cord original package

If you not have enough of Fish-skeleton-bone design, you cand purchase cool strap to hold your keys. Strap comes whit various colors (Pink, Purple, Red, Orange, Yellow, Yellow Green, Blue, White, Black, Glow)

Na-cord strap

Colorful design of Na-cord strap

Let’s watch what Novmichi Tosa say about Na-Cord himself.



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