Friday, December 18th, 2015


All your base are belong to Otamatone! Christmas is coming and we bring you another batch of Otamatone videos. If you know about another that we should mention – write to us.

YouTube Preview Image James bond theme played by awesome Nelson Tan Yan Cong on couple of Otamatone.
YouTube Preview Image Video for fans of great performer Mr. Kunitaka Watanabe. He plays “Video Killed The Radio Star” on Otamatone Deluxe. Guys from 8 Balls trying to bring Mr. Kunitaka to Brazil – more information.
YouTube Preview Image Luka’s most popular songs Just be friends by Dixie Flatline – Vocaloid – perform by Kouki on Otamatone.
YouTube Preview Image Another great cover from Nelson – StarWars theme..enjoy 😉
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  1. 1
    Something McSomething 

    Very cool.
    My base belongs to you.

  2. 2
    Galen Kaup 

    Hi! I have an Otamatone channel with various Otamatone covers such as my cover of Lament of the Highborne from World of Warcraft – and others. Check it out!

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