Friday, October 13th, 2017

You will soon be able to buy this newest creation from Maywa Denki. With a clever use of rubber cords and a mechanism of opening and closing of the mouth, Maywa Denki has managed to transform this little dog gun into a whistling, barking instrument of cuteness. Kill ’em with kindness takes on another meaning!

Bowgun comes in a stylish pack, containing all the necessary part to build your very own barking bundle of joy. In just a matter or minutes ( 80 minutes, to be exact, according to Maywa Denki’s Bowgun Work Shop, link in the description below), you will be ready to bark away!

Maywa Denki – make a bowgun template tutorial


In this lovely box you will find the whole Craft Kit necessary to build your very own Bowgun. The instructions are somewhat indecipherable for those of us, who don’t speak Japanese, but it is fairly easy to follow the picture instructions.

Maywa Denki Bowgun Craft Kit Maywa Denki Bowgun Template Maywa Denki Bowgun
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